Friday, April 29, 2011

What are you attached to?

This week I am blogging a day early. Tomorrow I leave for two days in the wilds of Mississippi, on our tree farm in Webster County, far, far away from the reach of cell phones and computers!  Of course, I always enjoy times like this, because I am a true nature girl.  Other than always loving the out-of-doors, one of the reasons I am a nature girl is because I learn so much from being around animals and plants.

This morning, I went out to water my rose garden.  I was greeted by one of the most amazing and intricate spider webs I've ever seen.  The dew was sparkling in the early morning, and it was just SOOO pretty!  For about one second.  Because, unfortunately, the spider had attached it to the hose reel, and the minute I turned it, it was destroyed in an instant.

You have to be careful what you allow yourself to become attached to!  Attaching to something that is easily moved is not a particularly good idea, as this spider found out this morning. So what are you attached to today?

-Those who are attached to material possessions can find them gone in an instant, like many of our friends and neighbors here in the southland, following the tornado outbreak of a couple of days ago...
-Those who are attached to their IRAs and stock portfolios can find them gone in an instant in the next crash.
-Those who are attached to their good looks can find outward beauty fleeting as they get older.
-Those who are attached to a particular group of friends can find that friends get busy and move away
-Those who are attached to their persona as a homeschooling mom will someday find that even those children grow up and move away, and the persona has to change or wither away! (I may be talking to myself here!)
-But those who are firmly attached to Jesus and to the principles of the Bible, will find that their anchor is 100% immovable, regardless of tornadoes or stock market crashes, or accidents, or illnesses, or growing older, or watching as friends and families leave to follow their own dreams.

Don't be like that spider!  Be careful to attach yourself to something permanent! 


  1. Mary, well said! How encouraging your article was. I just took off two weeks of schooling, which was much needed, for spring break while my sister visited from Indiana. I am careful to "wear this world as a loose garment" even when it concerns my husband and dear children. I'm rooted in Jesus, my solid rock who never changes. Bless you on your own time away!

  2. Thank you. I needed to hear this today.

  3. great post. I am sort of disappointed the rapture didn't happen at noon, although we enjoyed the hot tub tonight.