Sunday, April 10, 2011

Planning New Programs is always Exciting!

This week at our Board of Directors meeting, we are going to put the finishing touches on planning a Drama Camp at a nice location in the country with a little lake...It will be in early July, for ages 10-14. It has been awhile since I've been in on the planning process for this type of educational program.  It really feels good to be creating something that I know will be a wonderful experience for the children who get to participate. It's something I've been missing in recent years, ever since we shut down the flagship resource center in Kennesaw in order to expand into a national organization.

This reminds me of the early days at our first resource center in the strip mall in Acworth...Do any of you remember those first few programs?  When we first began, I taught an algebra class with only three students, including one of my own the time we ended, I usually had full classes of 16 kids, plus a waiting list.  Sometimes it takes awhile to build things up....This is a lesson I'm really having to learn again right now.  We want desperately to plant new resource centers, to assist others in starting ARCHERS support groups, to find new venues for me to speak about relaxed homeschooling, and, most of all, to finally get the land we've been wanting to create a permanent conference & workshop center in a rural setting...We are starting to see some results, but everything is just taking so darn long!

Did you ever notice that the number one reason people give for not homeschooling their children is that they "aren't patient enough"?  You know, patience is a fruit of the when a lack of patience is an issue, it needs to be addressed spiritually.  The problem is that right now, I just want to pick some of those fruit and throw them at something.  I guess being frustrated is just part of what we have to wrestle with as human beings....I know if my mom was here, she'd tell me, "Be a little easier on yourself. Everything doesn't have to happen right this minute!  Give it some time!"  So I guess I'll try to listen. But just so you know, right now I don't feel like an elder statesman of the homeschool movement, or even particularly like a mature Christian.  I guess for now, one program this summer will have to suffice...the rest will develop when it is God's timing.  BUT...(insert stomping of foot), "BUT I WANT IT NOW!!!"

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  1. Dear Mary,
    Thank you for sharing your heart. As one who has looked to you for advice and inspiration over the years, it's refreshing to know you are still human and struggle like the rest of us. I know God will use your vulnerability to encourage others, like me, in their own frustration and lack of patience. Many years ago, you gave me a word of encouragement that completely changed my focus in our family homeschool. You told me homeschooling was not creating the tradional institutional school we grew up in in our home. Wow, was that helpful! Thanks for all you continue to do for the homeschool movement. Vicki Davis