Monday, August 1, 2011

New article at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Mostly just blogging today to spread the word that The Old Schoolhouse Magazine did an interview with me in the current (Summer, 2011) issue. Easiest way to read it is to go to, (links don't seem to work, just type it in if they don't), and either scroll to page 84 or click on the table of contents for the living books article on p 76 and scroll a few pages.

Actually, this week I'm doing another interview for the same magazine, this one on our Titus Brigade mentoring program.  If you are in the Atlanta area, watch for an ice cream social at Swift-Cantrell Park in Kennesaw, sometime in Sept.  (When details are available we'll post them on the facebook page.) Also, I'm probably doing a RHS workshop in LaCrosse Wisconsin in October.  Did that on purpose! This old Wisconsin native needs to see some of those colors once every few years.  Also my high school is having a 100 year reunion (not my class...that's how old the high school is) in Milwaukee that month. Not sure if I'm going or not. 

Finally, watch for details on a webinar Chris Davis and I are doing together a little earlier in October.  This is with Felice Gerwitz' Ultimate Homeschool Expo organization. 

I feel like I've been doing so little homeschool talking for so long, and now it is all lining up!  Probably also talking in Los Angeles in January, maybe Florida in Feb.  Hope to meet some of my new blogging/facebook friends at one of these.

Oh, and its my birthday tomorrow.  Accepting all the greetings I can get since my family is so scattered, I'll feel practically alone.  (Thank God for Skype.)