Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Season of Gratitude

I've been thinking a lot lately about what it is I'm grateful for.  I could just as easily be focused on what is wrong in my life, but I've learned that focusing on what is right winds up keeping me happier and more apt to be productive.  Decided to share part of the list:

1. I'm grateful that, at the age of 61, I'm still on this earth, unlike several  friends in my age group who have already passed on...Jerry, Kenny, Jim, Harold, all three Pauls...I miss you guys and will remember every day to have a good time while I'm on this earth! I miss my mom, too, but she had a long life and made it all the way to 92, and besides, she is still here...."Somewhere this mother is alive, no more as one but in the breasts of five."...well, three in this case, but I still feel her presence in my life.

2. I'm grateful that, unlike my grandmother, I lived to see all five of my kids grow up.

3. I'm grateful that, unlike many others, my husband and I both have a way to make money, our house is paid for, and we're not facing foreclosure.

4.  I'm grateful that, unlike Joni, I have the use of all my limbs.

5. I'm grateful that, unlike Corrie Ten Boom, I'm not in jail, and there's no war raging in my home country.

6. I'm grateful that, unlike Helen Keller, I can still hear and see (albeit not as well as I did once!)

7. I'm grateful that I have a purpose and calling in life, and that I know what I am supposed to be doing every morning when I get up.

Now, I could have a different that talks about my current problems, frustrations, and roadblocks, and then you could all join me in a big sigh, and say, "Poor Mary...Let's pray for her."  And then I'd feel depressed and run around telling you all how bad things are and asking for prayer, and the next thing I'd know, everybody I met would be patting me on the back and asking me in a concerned voice, "How is everything going?".....Blech.

By the way, I can already hear some of you thinking, "Yes, but number ____ isn't true for ME!"   So substitute in one of your own.  If one of the above is a problem for you, move it to your other list and then tear up the list of negatives.

I prefer to focus on the positives, and hope you do, too!  For one thing, ALL my kids will be here this Christmas for the first time in ages.   Oh Frabjous Day...Calloo, Callay!!!

Hope you are all having a thankful Christmas Season!!! Mary