Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blame Our Educational System, not Obama

Today I was watching the Weather Channel, and they were talking about the rising prices of gas.  One of the meteorologists asked, somewhat bewildered, "Why are all the prices for gas and food going up?" (I raised my hand, but nobody called on me.)

People have been trying to blame the rise in food costs on the weather, which is partly responsible...But the old "supply and demand" paradigm is failing people when it comes to gas prices because it appears to some that the demand for gas is decreasing, (which isn't true on an international level), yet the price is going up.

It really is so simple.  The U.S. has been printing money like it is going out of style.  There isn't enough room here to talk about why that is.  It isn't Obama's fault, although his administration certainly hasn't helped the situation. Yet very few people seem to realize the gravity of the situation.

There are basically four things that could be done right now in this country. The first is to declare a Year of Jubilee like the Bible tells us to do.  That would solve everything, but it isn't going to happen unless we have a massive revival first.  (A year of Jubilee would wipe out all debt across the board, thereby stopping the exponential curve in its tracks and fixing everything. God knew the exponential curve would lead to economic chaos every few generations, so that is undoubtedly why he gave us this command).

The second possibility would be to allow the U.S. to default on its loans, which would likely lead to economic and social chaos. The powers that be won't ever agree to that, in my opinion.  The third is to begin confiscating private wealth and go completely socialist.  The current adminstration would probably like to do that, but, again, it would create chaos, and possibly lead to revolution, so, again, not likely.  The fourth is to  keep printing money to cover the explosive debt.  This is what is being done.

This always always always always leads to hyperinflation.  We are starting to see it in the grocery stores and at the gas pumps, but this is only the beginning.  Remember the early 80s, with 15% interest on mortgages and cds?  That was tame compared to what is coming.  This is not an opinion, it is fact.  Economic laws will always prevail, unless God's laws (i.e. the year of Jubilee, in this case) are substituted.

Anyway, my main point is this.  Be sure to include economic education and education in personal finance in your homeschooling efforts....the lack of that in the school system has lead to complete economic illiteracy, not just among the populace, but also in most of our elected officials and even in their advisors.   Almost every problem I see in this country is the result of poor education and general illiteracy in the majority of the population (and even some homeschoolers).

Whatever the results of the elections will be this fall, this problem is not going to go away simply because a different group of people takes charge.  One of the ways you can recognize economic illiteracy is when people point their fingers at one man or one party, and say, "They are the ones responsible"...No.  Economic laws are responsible. Failure to listen to God is responsible. Failure to observe the time of Jubilee is responsible.  We are all responsible, because for too many years Christians and other responsible citizens refused to recognize the slide downwards that our education system was taking. Either that, or they recognized it and ignored/complained about it without taking action.

Most of you are the exceptions.  However, please don't take "relaxed" (being relaxed and family-oriented) to mean "don't educate your children"....Without a return to cultural and economic and political literacy in this country, we are going to go the way of the Roman Empire, the Greek Empire, the British Empire, and every other one that has risen to great heights, only to slide into oblivion.

This post isn't meant to frighten....except maybe to jolt people into realizing everybody better start learning and noticing what is going on, because knowledge is the first step to power!  If you want to know where to start, on a personal level, I know of no better place to begin than to read some of Dave Ramsey's work.  (Not a paid ad....:) Then, if you don't know what the heck an exponential curve is or what I'm talking about, exercise your research skills and learn about it!


  1. Great post - I also like the Uncle Eric series of books on economics like Whatever Happ3ened to Penny Candy and the Thousand Years' War (why we are in Iraq).

  2. Good word, Mary. Yes, please include economics in your children's education.

  3. Thank you, Mary! This is so important, but is easy to lose between math and science!