Sunday, January 9, 2011

Waiting for the Snowstorm

All of Atlanta is waiting right now for our promised 6 inch snowstorm. If it really hits, it should be interesting. As a former northerner, I'm always amused by how little snow it takes to shut everything down. However, to be fair, they have very little snow removal is usually "wait until it melts". Anyway, we have food and a wood stove, so we should be good to go. If we have electricity, I'm hoping to spend the time writing an article on "Relaxed Homeschooling" for a project that The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is doing this spring. If no electricity, maybe I'll have to get a yellow legal pad and do it the old-fashioned way....kind of looking forward to the snow, but I get cabin fever really fast when I can't go running. Hope we can get around enough to have our board meeting on Tuesday. Time to get some of our projects up and running for the year!

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